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My inspiration is coming from my childhood memories. 

I lived in a village surrounded by rice field, green tea field, river, mountains and Pacific Ocean. 

Then I draw them in my small note book, paint them with acrylic color on cotton canvas. 

And I create them with ceramic and porcelain. 



Ceramic and Porcelain

I create the shape with hands. 

While I touching the clay, I decide the shape. So many times, I surprised what I made. 😄

But I can add and curve at this step. I keep it under the plastic wrap to keep it moisture until final shape. 

Sometimes, I paint them with underglaze. 

Then dry completely naturally. 

Then first bisque fire. It takes more than 24 hours. 

When it cool down, I paint them with glaze. 

Finally glaze firing!!!🔥

Also it takes 24 hours with higher temperature. 


After long process, the artsy pottery is created!

It takes about 1 month. 😄

*Please contact us for custom order↓

Inspiration: Inspiration
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